Jehovah vs Jehovah's Witnesses


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John 14:16-17 . . I will request the Father and he will give you another helper to
be with you forever, the spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive, because
it neither beholds it nor knows it. You know it, because it remains with you and is in

John 14:26 . .The helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name,
that one will teach you all things and bring back to your minds all the things I told

Rank and file JWs are taught to believe that they obtain boldness in speaking the
word of God, and zealousness in engaging in the work of witnessing, from "having"
the holy spirit. (pg 382, Reasoning From The Scriptures)

However; when speaking of "having" the holy spirit, the JWs mean that it is
alongside them rather than inside them. Only a special guild of 144,000 JWs
actually have the spirit inside them. The special guild are known as the anointed
class; a label taken from 1John 2:27.

The non-anointed class-- a.k.a. the great crowd, a.k.a. the hewers of wood and
haulers of water --are in a very serious condition. Here's why:

Rom 8:9 . .You are in harmony, not with the flesh, but with the spirit, if God's
spirit truly dwells in you.

Seeing as how God's spirit does not truly dwell "in" John Q and Jane Doe
missionary, then they are, by default, in harmony with the flesh. That only makes
things worse.

Rom 8:5-8 . . For those who are in accord with the flesh set their minds on the
things of the flesh, but those in accord with the spirit on the things of the spirit. For
the minding of the flesh means death, but the minding of the spirit means life and
peace; because the minding of the flesh means enmity with God, for it is not under
subjection to the law of God, nor, in fact, can it be. So those who are in harmony
with the flesh cannot please God.

The non-anointed class' situation is just too ironic for words. They displease God,
and He displeases them; yet they go door-to-door sincerely believing themselves
Jehovah's friends and allies.