Jesus is just a messenger of the word of GOD not GOD .

Alexander the adequate

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I've never claimed one must bypass one's first impressions of a text. Regardless of how one interprets these texts. My point is that at some point, one must look at what the texts are actually claiming.

For example, Jesus usefully observes that it is the truth that sets one free. He doesn't say knowledge of the truth sets one free, nor does he say that histories or genealogies will set one free and Paul openly admits that they are useless. So perhaps you might want to take your own advice and look at what they're literally saying before assuming that others have not done so already.

We all have to start somewhere. I'm simply pointing out that one also needs to run the race and that requires leaving the starting line which is something you're evidently not comfortable doing yet.
Ok, I am going to let this go, as I would not argue with what you are saying here