Jesus the final sacrifice?


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That's just it. There is none for you now. You are still in your sins.
No, Daniel didn't have sacrifices and did fine. Hosea the prophet says the words of our lips are like bulls.

BTW, Jesus' blood never made it to the altar like the commandments say, so you're out of luck. Rotfl...


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Well, you see, this is where Christians make a great strategy error. You waste time by referring to a text that Jews do not accept as God's word. You might as well quote the Quran or Book of Mormon or Harry Potter for all your efforts.

I know that. I'm not unaware of the fact you believe only the Old Testament is the Word of God. I'm glad you answered anyway.

There actually is 613 commandments. They are ALL from God.

Yes, there are some eternal laws, and temporary ceremonial laws that point to the Messiah, but then there are the Ten Commandments which are the Covenant, or as Christians say, the Old Covenant, and why the New Testament is the New Covenant based on the blood of Jesus. That is why the sign of the New Covenant is the Cup in the ceremony of the Lord's Supper, taken from the Passover meal.

Question: Is that meal called the Seder? And when exactly do you eat that. What day? Or evening? For instance, if Passover is the 14th, and the Feast of Unleavened Bread starts on the 15th, is the Seder on the evening of the 13th or 14th? I'm so glad you will know this.

There actually is 613 commandments. They are ALL from God.

I still refer to the Old Testament when reviewing the laws on divorce and remarriage. (I'm divorced).

Question: Open Heart, how would you explain them. I've basically read Deut. 24, and an earlier chapter.

BTW, this is great to be able to ask you these questions!

That's not true. The Law is NOT written on our hearts yet -- we will know when this comes to pass when we no longer have to teach our children right from wrong. Furthermore, the laws written on the hearts of Jews will be the 613 of our covenant.

That was in answer to my statement that having the laws written on our heart, makes it unnecessary for them to remain written elsewhere, except, of course, for people that God hasn't written them on their hearts. LOL

Question: Okay, so what signs are you looking for, if any that this is about to happen? What prophecies?

I don't think even Christians claim we have the nature of the serpent. That is something you either made up yourself, or heard it from someone who was heterodox.

But at any rate, in Judaism, we have two natures. We have a Yetzer HaRa (evil inclination) and a Yetzer HaTov (good inclination).

Mankind now has the nature of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You just separated them.

Question: What kind of nature did Adam have before he sinned?

The reason we give sacrifice is because God commands it. Right now it would be unlawful to give sacrifice, since there the Temple is the only place where it is lawful to do so. Some day the Temple will be rebuilt and sacrifices resume.

There were MANY types of sacrifices. Sin offerings was only one type of sacrifice, and it was only good for UNintentional sin. For intentional sin, we can not buy ourselves a clean slate -- we actually have to do the hard work and repent. Repentence is a theme that runs through the entire Tanakh (OT).

Yes, God commanded it, but don't you know why? Didn't He tell you?

Because there is no temple to offer sacrifices, how are sins covered? What happens to all the people who sinned unintentionally after and before and could not offer a sacrifice for them?

I am very happy to see you believe as I do about unintentional and presumptuous sins/wilfull sins. Many Christians do not see that. To them sin is sin. Not to me. I want to see everything as God sees them, not as some church father taught in error.

I realize you believe this because you are a Christian. However, as a Jew, I don't accept it at all. And preaching tends to fall on deaf ears. In my mind, Jesus' death was for nothing. He was just a nice Jewish man who tried to be the messiah and failed.

Then I'll just ask you questions. There is so much I want to know.


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If Jesus' took away the sin nature, the world wouldn't be in the predicament it is in today. As it is, we live in one of the worst times in history. His blood hasn't helped.

It is called being born again. There are many Christians that have never been born again, and just because they know the truth about Jesus, they do not have His divine power living inside of them to stop willfully sinning. (You know the difference between unintentional and willful sins). Daniel 9:24 for us, and for me, is that experience of the Spirit of God coming to dwell inside of us. It is offered to the whole world, but it is accepted only by our free will to repent. God isn't making robots. At the end of the world, all those who are free from sin will enter heaven, but the rest will perish along with Satan and his angels.

As far as the world being at its worst, that is true, and a sign that the end is near.
Ironic that their idea of god and messiah that fulfills the law abrogates it too. ;)
Only what pointed to him, like the feasts and sabbaths. The clean and unclean meats were not eternal from the beginning. They were vegetarians up until the flood. But could offer only clean animals for sacrifices and offerings. After the flood they could eat anything that moved on land, clean or unclean. The Law given to Moses prevented them from eating anything that couldn't also be sacrificed to God. Unclean meat represented the pagan Gentiles they were not to marry into. The first Christians still ate only clean, because they were Jews, and the gospel was only for them. When God allowed the gospel to also go to the Gentiles, he lifted that ban and everything was allowed like as after the flood.

Thought you might like a bit of understanding on meats.


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Exactly, and he did fine for all those years without it.

Daniel confessed the sin of what happened to the Jews for their disobedience in which made the Temple sacrifices not possible to perform.

So he wasn't "fine."

And you aren't either because you deny the Lord Jesus Christ.


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Daniel confessed the sin of what happened to the Jews for their disobedience in which made the Temple sacrifices not possible to perform.

So he wasn't "fine."

And you aren't either because you deny the Lord Jesus Christ.
Bring your confessions
and return to the LORD.
Say to Him: “Take away all our iniquity and receive us graciously, that we may present
the fruit of our lips.

Daniel did fine.

All knees will bow is unavoidable for Jesus as well.
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