Joe Biden Is Lost, Harris, Obama, And All Present Give Biden The "Cold Shoulder" As If He's Non-Existent?


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In The 52 Second Clip Do you feel sorry or embarrased for the Geriatric Alzheimer Invalid?

That picture says a thousand words, Joe is on his own, on the outside looking in, Kamala isn't going to be VP much longer?

The entire room full of people acted as if Biden was non-existent, he looked like a puppy dog running around wanting a pat on his head "Sad"!
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Have to admit, Obama isn't stupid like Pelosi or Harris, he can lie with a smile and straight face, he could sell ice in the north pole
I had an executive apply with my company. Black great personality Harvard MBA. I asked her about the greatest asset for her from attending Harvard.

Her answer was she learned how to work a room. Notice pictures of President Trump at G-7 and other meetings and he was always surrounded,