John 15:24 + 25 - Hating Christ without cause

His clay

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was there a trigger for your change? Some one point that grabbed you? Or just what you saw as the evidence of scripture in general?
I was looking back through my past posts, but I couldn't find the post I was looking for. I answered your question in it. I'm sitting here falling asleep though, so I won't try to write it just now.

My short answer is yes, yes, and yes.


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If we grant all that you say, then what? How does that relate to the issue raised in the opening post?

Will you say that Calvinism asserts causality while the opening post points to scripture that says the opposite?
Will I say Calvinism asserts causality? Yes certainly


Just about had enough of this.

Sheesh .....

You guys making your own cult?
Not that I'm aware of what do you mean by that ?

I was on a vacation so I was not able to interact the past week