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Well we have a legitimate disagreement which cannot be resolved as you obviously would never consider folks whom I know to be forthright and very honest......to be so.......because of your stated position.

I'll leave you with......."Human knowledge is just that......human!"

C'est la Vie..........
God works through human beings. It is through human beings that he gave us the Torah. It is our hands with which he reaches out with compassion to the world.


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Weeeellll, do you want my complaints about Christianity in general, or fundamentalism in particualar?

As for my complaints about Christianity in general, please see the opening post in the thread I put up called, "Why Jews will never accept Jesus."

As for fundamentalism, I don't care for it in any of its versions, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever. I don't care for how fundamentalists lie to themselves and say that their scriptures are without error, when error is easy to find. I don't like how fundamentalists take things literally that are meant to be taken figuratively. I don't like how fundamentalists reject basic findings of science. I don't like how fundamentalism tends to reject modern society (for example, rejecting whatever the current norms for modesty are). I don't like how fundamentalists tend to make women subservient and lay all sorts of rules on women that don't apply to men. And I really, really desipse how fundamentlists imagine that they are the sole practitioners of their religion, divinding the world into a very small circle of "us" and everyone else a "them."

Yup....we probably agree more than we disagree.......LOL.......

Although I believe the first century Man called Yeshua was indeed who He said He was.