Loved ones with dementia


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would like to meet some for talk, prayer and friendship. My dad was recenly diagnosed.
Hello I'm sorry for your recent challenges with your father and your new and potentially ever-exhausting road ahead.
Do you have any specific questions? The field of questions is broad and the various answers are likely more broad but I will answer as best I can from my personal journey.
There is a book out there called "The 36 Hour Day," I got around to largely reading it about 7 or 8 yrs in. I think it's a good book, I've heard others think not, but being in the trenches, I formerly disagree with the asserted "expert opinion." Now by the time I read it, I had already encountered much of what was offered and often similarly responded. You have to understand that each and everyday *you* are in the classroom. You will learn if you haven't already that the mood of all exchanges can be guided and directly impacted by your actions, reactions and relationship.
Physical loving contact and daily prayer and clear and frequent and all mannerisms that inform your father you love him are imo absolutely necessary and will only grow in need. Building trust never ends and that too is paramount.