Marx and the unborn baby


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Because they are pressurised into having sex by their peers. Because adequate, let alone good, sex education is banned from their school for ideological reasons. Because they got drunk or high. Because their uptight religious zealots of parents don't show them any affection. Because they are adults, with adult bodies and instincts, living in aninfantalising culture. Or for one or more of a myriad of other reasons.
This is leftism 101. Its never your fault its always someone esles fault.
And the argument in favour of abortion rights is "leftist" for what reason, exactly? I might also ask why you think that "leftist" is an insult, or why you think that I personally am "leftist", but then I remembered that you are American, and consequently "leftist" means "an idea I disagree with".
Because leftist more generally support abortion. Where did I say "leftist" was an insult? I use "leftist" to differentiate them from conservatives or "rightists" to coin an awkward opposite word. But youre a brit so I dont expect you to understand. No "leftist" means someone who isnt conservative. This is why talking to you people is almost a waste of time because you only reply to whats in your head and not what people actually say.


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By me?

"People that aren't you lie about my beliefs, so I'm allowed to lie about yours?"

Also, you said I agreed with somebody about something, and this proves that I hate babies -

with whom do I agree,
on what do I agree with them, and
how does this prove that I hate babies


Still waiting.
You do agree and that proves it. Go back and read it.


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Please review the last twenty posts on this thread. there are rabid posts amongst them for sure. Intolerant, ranting, incoherent as well as rabid. Any disinterested reader can see who is writing those intolerant, ranting, incoherent and rabid posts. That is why I suggest that you stop.
Then you should stop writing like that


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You made an incorrect, that is false, statement. Pointing this out is not "asinine", though it is true that what you said is crap. (Are we allowed to say this now, or is it only Christians?)

So, please tell us. What is your reason for objecting to abortion?
So where has he said it. That is the question to you.


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In what way?

Abortion doesn't just concern women.
Saying 'just' means it does, and more. You cant define a woman so you consequently dont know about abortion

No one is attempting to silence anyone.
Yes you are, you refuse to engage in the debate about what a woman is.

We are all expressing opinions here.
yes I know, and some of us are giving evidence and reasoning as to why your opinions as faulty