Meteorites/Asteroids/Comets, Or Military Attack Of Some Kind On Jamaica, Or Something Else


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I just woke up from a shocking dream, this is where me and my family, and a journalist was with us, and we began seeing things falling from the sky or elsewhere, in Jamaica at night one after the other after the other. It seemed as if there was no end in sight to what was taking place. I do not know if it is meteorites/asteroids/comets, or if it is a military attack of some kind, or something else, but it was shocking.
I had another dream about the above, and in this dream I saw a house floating in the air and hitting a pole in my yard. So this is clearly not a military attack, but what it is I still don't understand. At one point on the above dream I had a vision of something like a huge rock passing through an open window of a building me and others were in.