More on John 1:1

Roger Thornhill

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It's an honest answer. I don't think it matters. As far as I know, it's not a litmus test for Calvinism, so I don't even understand why you think it's relevant. My familiarity with Calvinism is very basic and doesn't go much beyond TULIP. I disagree with all five of those points as they are most commonly explained.

Well, I asked you if the Father draws everybody and that is a yes/no answer.

You deflected, so you must think it matters.

The Real John Milton

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Good news! New version to the paper and I suggested them.

I am getting added as a formal co-author. Thanks for your help.

I added a footnote from AT Robertson.

Good for you. Another publication under your belt. You seem to have authored / co-authored more articles than our very own "John Milton" & Gryllus (perhaps combined). Maybe that's the real reason for their strange behavior towards it ? Simple jealousy ?