Mormon teaching on handicapped and black and brown races


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Except that you don't know what else they might have said in their lives which might have been gaffes. If all we had of Brigham Young was D&C 136, you wouldn't be any wiser about him neither. You judge him by a different standard than you use to judge the OT prophets.

Jesus vouched for the OT prophets.
That's good enough for me.
He NEVER vouched for Brigham Young.


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Sorry, wrong.
To me the BoM is a non-issue.
It's been a red herring from Mormons as long as I can remember.
You cannot get even CLOSE to what the Mormon church teaches today, by relying on the BoM.
All the BoM is, is a "bait-and-switch", to try to convince the ignorant and gullible that Joseph Smith was a "true" prophet, so that they would buy into all the anti-Biblical doctrines Mormonism teaches today.

Mormonism teaches "Plural gods". ANTI-Biblical.
Mormonism teaches salvation "after all you can do". ANTI-Biblical.
Mormonism teaches teenaged, immature, unmarried elders. ANTI-Biblical.
Mormonism teaches marriage after death. ANTI-Biblical.

Mormonism teaches so many other ANTI-Biblical things.
I remember when many left the Mormon church after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and the didn't find any "Quakers" living there.

The "Book of Mormon" is completely irrelevant.
Really? After Apollo 11? I have never heard of that one. But you are correct--"bait and switch" is a good description of the BoM. Talk about and proclaim the BoM to prospective converts, and once they join and are baptized, THEN they find out about all of the non-Biblical stuff in the Pearl books and D and C. I wonder if the missionaries even bring up the D and C and Pearl books to their prospective converts?
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