Mother back in Hospital

This is pretty much a rerun of what happened last Dec. What's different was my mother was drowning in my arms unable to breathe after regurgitation and choking on liquid. I had the suction line in my hand that was too slow her lips grew darker and darker blue I told her she was dying and I couldn't save her. I reminded her that a Christ had her and wouldn't forsake her and that she was very good mama. Then I flipped upsidedown, feet high in the air and began swatting her back I turned her back over and told more about Christ had her and she could go home there was nothing I could do. We stared inches from each other as she was dying. Her eyes were locked on me she is like my little child. She is afraid and I try to comfort and reassure her while being truthful. Then I said wait a minute, momma I think you're improving somewhat? Her dark blue lips began to turn blue with a little pink. The 911 operator didn't want me to do anything and kept trying to distract me from my efforts, their job, I get it, but I'm not waiting on them. I said she improved somewhat but I have to unlock the door. They were adamant no stay me rescue services were in route. I disobey them two or three times in doing what I was compelled to do. Then they eventually got her on oxygen. I jumped in the shower ran up there and she was stabilized but in critical condition. They told they were worried about her blue toes, I said I had them elevated for bed when all this occurred and if you wanted them pink raise them about 6 inches which they never did. They did give her lots of covers but I get frustrated when they ignore a solution I've been doing since two hospital stays ago where they gave her a parting gift of congestive heart failure. Oh well thank you for all your ongoing prayers.
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Mother shown a lot of promise two days ago, yesterday was blah but good. There are infections. Then we also have a handful of other hurdles.
But thank you everyone for your kind and warm wishes and especially your prayers!
Update: We graduated from ICU to another floor. We are no longer critical! I'm not sure of our present status but improved, still more hurdles.
Thank you.
Latest News:
At least these two remaining hurdles remain perhaps more but not sure what those would be.
1) Demonstrate swallowing
2) Success on antibiotic for serious infection (they mentioned they may send us home with pills, but mother is allergic to many of those options)

Thank you everyone!!!
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Set backs for a swallowing test.
Water still present in the lungs.
This fluid overload seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the previous hospitalizations.
Infection receiving ongoing treatment.
IVC filter procedure went well.
Fluid in the lungs sounds dangerous.; difficulty breathing?
Removed NG tube.
She ate today and did well.
Right. Nebulized breathing treatment continue. Nasal cannula O². Breathing was difficult when we arrived at this point we are more or less normal yet X-ray from a few days ago indicated water in the lungs. Her saturation has been very good @100%
Thanks for your response and concerns!!!
Thank you.
Water is now said to be from the CHF.
We are still bleeding into the mouth presumably from the last NG tube which was subsequently removed.
On the plus side, her hemoglobin has rebounded further to 10.2. She has a great appetite for my home cooked meals and she looked great today too. We switched back to IV diuretics. They tell me only if she could get up and walk. I told them Mom and I circle dance at home, she hangs on for dear life. Lol. But it's to get her upright. They said no, no. Let's try this first. So we'll see, hope and continue to pray!!!
Thank you again everyone!
Hemoglobin fell 7.0 and previously stated we would receive whole blood but doctor said she would not need it.
Result: Some water remains. Get mom upright that will help a lot.
I bought a harness a few yrs back maybe I get it set up, but until then eat and do circle dances where mom hangs on for dear life. Lol
I would like too thank everyone and encourage ongoing prayers for the meantime. Praise the Lord!!!