Murderous Community Part 2


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Last night I had a dream where I was in a community in Jamaica, I do not know which community it is. Basically what happened is that somebody put a gun and other such items in an area of my home (not in that community) and these items were burnt for the most part. Me and my family had no idea where these items came from, we ended up calling the police, telling them what we found, and the police were not surprised because there were illicit activities occurring within this unknown community. While the police were in the community, there were several people with illegal firearms on their person. Then the police left the area, and the people in the community most everyone if not everyone took up rocks to stone me and my family to kill us. I remember a man saying that we need to get Jesus Christ out of our minds, and that God wasn't going to do anything to stop them. As I was praying because of the situation, the ground began to rumble beneath us all. I told the people to stop following me and my following and leave us alone.