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I was talking to God last night, asking him about something that was bothering me and he gave me a dream. In this dream I was in an unknown place in Jamaica. I was being reprimanded by one of my former best friends in front of others because when I was working, instead of progressing it seemed as if I had fell back. I was not purposely doing this, my mind just wasn't functioning normally the way it should. I got angry and decided to leave. I ended up walking in a community I did not know. One teen (a female) told me to stay at a particular place, instead of going within the community itself, it seemed she didn't know what to do with me apparently.

I had a phone and I wanted someone (another female teen) to call a particular number (a family member) telling that person the community I was in because I had no idea where I was. I offered this female teen money for helping but she decided it wasn't enough, and she shouted out to the people in her community essentially saying that I was fair game, that they should come after me (take away my life). I decided to walk away and was surrounded by persons within the community who held on to me to murder me, these were persons of all ages.

A business woman in the country at first objected to what they were doing, and decided to call someone for help, then she changed her mind and agreed with what was going on. Afterwards I saw a Catholic bishop dressed in his full attire with a staff in his hand and he supported what was going on. While they were going through the process of going to have me killed, one woman stood out to help me and stop them and they slit her throat. People in the community proceeded to try and string me up high somewhere, and I saw someone I knew there, a former classmate and friend, but she wouldn't help, it seemed she felt helpless, and I heard a voice trying to encourage her to help, it seemed as if it was the Holy Spirit but I am not entirely sure. Then the Holy Spirit ? showed me one young person, representing another generation, he would raise up to fight this head on.

Then the dream switched and I was talking to those same persons explaining to them what they were doing is wrong, then they proceeded to do the same thing, surround me trying to kill me, so talking to these people did not work.

What I described above has happened and is happening in many communities across Jamaica, where most people within a community are complicit in the murder of innocent people. To see a Catholic bishop agreeing with what was going on, not trying to stop it, says a lot about the current state that Jamaica is in. So what does one do when nearly everyone in a community is involved in murders? What does one do when talking to these people, is not enough to deter this from happening. What does one do when many people in different communities of all ages, of all occupations, of all strata in society including religious leaders, all across Jamaica, are doing the exact same thing, and see nothing wrong with what they are doing.

What is the solution to this Jamaica? How did Jamaica get to this point? Is there even a solution to this? Can the laws remedy this? Can the courts deal with this level of murder taking place and how? Tell me Jamaica, what can be done practically to stop this from happening. What can be done practically to punish nearly whole communities of people involved in murders across the island? Is there any law that exist can deal with this anywhere in the world. Murder is seen by many as an acceptable form of collective action, to get rid of someone simple because they don't know the person, and don't want that person around. People have completely lost their humanity, if they had any in the first place.

Murder in Jamaica is generational, spanning from one generation to another to another, and it goes on and on and on, with no end in sight, and exists not only on a personal level, involving one or few persons, but on a widespread deeper community level all across Jamaica, entrenched.
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