My Decision


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I shouldn't have to say the following, but persons including some of my family members and people close to me should be aware of the following situation. My alter is the only one have been able to grasp a more complete view of certain things going on in my life.

First of all I bought a house that my aunt and her family used to live in because I have good memories attached to this house and I bought this house specifically for my aunt who used to live there. This aunt who is no deceased was aware that I had mental issues, additionally most recently I have been shown in a dream a situation how she including two of her sisters treated me, embarrassed and laughed at me. Now this particular aunt I have always felt as if she did not genuinely care about me, although for the most part she showed the opposite, and presented herself as a genuine Christian. When I bought the house for her I remember one time people were there and I wanted to go upstairs but she prevented me from doing so and she told me to sit in a particular room by myself, later on one of her other children did the same thing to me. Apparently she did not want me around. This was a major warning sign. That was clear. After she died and her adult children came to the house I noticed that most of them began having a negative attitude towards me including a spouse of one of her children, and I did not know why. It really hit me that here is it that I bought this house for a woman my aunt, who genuinely did not care for me, with most of her children being the same way. I spent a lot of money on the house so obviously I became angry and my attitude towards them change as a result. Then one of my loudly proclaimed that she had the title for the house, and because of their attitude and the attitude of their mother I have decided that I will not give them anything at all.

Now this house instead of being associated with good memories has now become a house of contention between me and my aunts children. At the time I bought the house I did not have access to my full memories at all, and how much memories I had at the time remains unclear. (I still do not have access to my full memories at this this). As a result of this disconnect in my memories, I did not have the ability to make right decisions. I wanted to believe so bad that my aunt genuinely cared for me that I made decisions that were bad. There were a lot of times where it seems that she genuinely cared and seemed helpful, but it is clear that she did not genuinely care for me and did not have my best interests at heart.

This house is no longer safe because of external threats to me and my family. So I have decided that the best thing would be to sell the house, the money received would be then be give solely to charities. I do not want me, my children, and my genuine loved ones to have nothing to do with this house anymore at all. It is not safe for any of us. It is no longer a nice place to be in or have. I am sure if the children of my aunt are genuine Christians as they claim themselves to be they will have no problems with my decision.