My Hurricane Ian Prediction


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Then we have people getting all bent out of shape because their homes were destroyed by the storm surge. Hey people, I have a bit of advice for you, don't build or buy a home near the water in an area where hurricanes are apt to happen.

Michael R2

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But that is not what it said.

You made a big deal of the Atlantic basin being a much larger area, yet it accounts for less than 15% of hurricanes. An increase in that area from 1984 to 2005- just 2 decades - isn't much of a blip either.
Thank you for clarifying.
It's kind of a chess and checkers thing. Talking only about Florida means you're talking about weather (checkers) and not climate (chess). When you expand to worldwide climate concerns, the Atlantic basin is only a small part, but it is still a climatic system of its own.
The concept of (human assisted) climate change is fairly new and an extremely complex study. It will be a blip of geological time no matter how long it continues.
And what's been going on since then?
If I see a study covering it, I will post it.