My Methodist Church is leaving the denomination in one week.


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I grew up in the UMC. My grandparents founded the Methodist church I grew up in and my uncle was the sextant and I was his assistant, so I was pretty involved until I got saved in my mid-twenties.

I'm no longer Methodist, but I have a lot of fond memories of the church and of that time.

Very happy to report that my old church has voted to leave the UMC. Hoping they'll be allowed to keep the building, which has one of the most beautiful sanctuaries I've ever seen.

The reports I've seen are showing that more than 60 Methodist churches in the North Alabama Conference have voted to leave the UMC.

I found out that we had to buy our two churches from the UMC.


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If we look at the NT those who rejected the teaching left. Today those who hold on to the faith leave.
This applies to Anglican as well

Perhaps.its time we didnt put up with it.
The liberal idea is that its Christian to accept different opinions yet that seems to be causing even more division.


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I left the American Baptist Church because it was starting to get too liberal. I now go to a more conservative Baptist Church. This wokeness is infecting a lot of mainline churches.

Bob Carabbio

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Next week our First United Methodist church body is having a congregation meeting and will leave the denomination as it has failed to bring the denomination back into its original holiness. This is over the sexual perversion of gay bishops.
Congratulations!!! Good riddance to them.