My Socialism defined


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Lets agree to disagree.

I asm well aware he is dead, but also aware he was loved by his people AND was elected by a landslide.

So history is now an excuse? NEXT!!

NEXT!! It appears he/she is only interested in things that suit his/her pro capitalism

Yes it is. Therefore if the US government made a $1,000,000 they could spend it how they like? Absolutely not.

Yawn. Grasping at straws is an understatement.
Really funny catching all the irony of this post.


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Nice try twisting my words. I dont mind if they earned more money than me, but not unethically.

I think writing the book is more What's harder, telling people what to do, or actually doing the work? :)

After this covid plandemic ends, i will take a leave of absence from CARM, but if and when I return, I will have videos of myself educating the masses. :)
Will there be armed guards to guarentee the masses will not leave. So funny


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To make sure you have an audience, silly one.
Nah I wont need armed guards to make videos and get people to watch them. I'll need armed guards after the elites see my videos and plot to kill me like they do with most people that threaten their greedy and immoral ways. :)

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Being represented is not the point, the point is the massive government bureaucracy your system will create.

The history man has shown that the bigger the government the bigger the corruption.
Under communism people starved. Farms did so poorly. A large farm produced 10,000 pages of reports to a dozen layers of officials above the farms. The small permitted gardens fed the farmers well.


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Is anyone going to comment on the actual OP? Or a counter argument? Anything? Other than Socialism doesn't work and capitalist greed is best?lol