My Weird Relationship with Catholicism

A new day

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and His Church.... reread Mt 16 for a start

There is nothing in Matthew 16 about following "a" church. Scripture is about God and his work of redemption as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. NOT in any institution. Carm posting rc's are fully aware that the teachings of the rcc are wrong, but are very determined to save face without having to admit they were deceived by the very institution they trusted in.

A new day

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You keep pointing to your institution. There is nothing in Scripture which tells us that salvation comes from an institution. Rc's literally put lock, stock, and barrel into everything but Christ for salvation.


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He began to concentrate more on Catholicism and less on Christianity.

We should all just discard labels and follow Jesus Christ.

Labels identify some pretty important things though, don't you think? For instance when a person tells me they are Catholic, I then know that they don't consider Jesus' death on the cross to be payment in full for their sins.

As for Chesterton. Did you like what he wrote or how he wrote it?