Mysterious Ruins

J regia

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All of scripture is the evidence. I am not at work, and cannot send carm an encyclopedia

if she cares, she can go reread again, translate for herself.
But that's just words in a book and have no more credibility than the Dreamtime stories.

J regia

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this current world is not the world God created. God created Eden in the other world.

That is our only job, to come to Him and go Home, to return to Eden and leave
this abomination (the sin realm: these bodies, this earth.)

His sons and daughters got separated from Him at the fall because of Adam's sin.
At the Change all His 144k souls will be restored... to what was lost.

So yes, we are in the sin realm, the corruption that resulted from the fall.

And after the change many many more souls will be saved from Here and will go Home to Him.
So where is the other world, or is it just an imaginative fantasy?