New revelations about Hershel Walker, Senate candidate, R-GA


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1. The Daily Beast reports that he paid for an abortion for a girlfriend. The Daily Beast reports having seen the woman’s receipt for the abortion as well as a personal check from Walker reimbursing her for it and a get-well card, and said it confirmed the story with one of her confidantes at the time.

2. When he started his campaign for the Senate, he acknowledged one son, Christian. It was then revealed that he actually had 3 other children by 3 other women. His son Christian has now come forward to claim his father, who claims to back family values and male responsibility in parenting, was not only never around, but threatened them to the point where they had to move multiple times. Christian is now venting on social media about his absent, irresponsible and violence-prone father.

I did not link to Christian's tweets because of a bad word.

Republican family values.

But hey, he was a great football player!
Racist. Why are you attacking the black gut? If this were a white liberal you woukd be telling us how great it is he killed his kid.


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Why would I make a hero out of a liar who refuses to acknowledge what he did because his current political persuasion does not allow it?

And who has treated his children so badly?

Helping someone get an abortion does not make that person a hero, especially if their motivation is entirely self-centered.
@Crazy Ivan As usual, vibise can't even muster an apology for misrepresenting another poster's position. Sadly that has been how she has behaved since the mid 00's.