No go zones for beliefs

Ok thanks, that is a good example. We look at the evidence along with our experience and knowledge to be able to see a man who calls himself a 'transwoman' is a man.

You forget, I pointed out this is a deal breaker for society and it is turning out that way.
That whoosing sound was the joke going over your head.
As I say, on every level, you are wrong. You could start by buying a dictionary and looking up the terms you are using.
We tried that with you and we saw that the dictionary definition of murder was premeditated and unlawful killing, so according to the dictionary where the premeditated killing was legal it must be murder, but you wouldnt have it, So have you tried understanding the concepts before you look at the dictionary. I suggest you do that first

I am perfectly capable, as capable as you are, of making up my mind based on my own knowledge and experience.
this baseless waffle and posturing again, and whilst your statement is not incorrect, I would say with abortion and gender identity you most definitely are not capable of recognising the reality As do most people.
That whoosing sound was the joke going over your head.
No joke, peddling lies isnt a joke and the example is a very good one, especially when it is being used as child abuse on children. Its sound because its imagination versus reality.
Told you all, its a deal breaker, so bad luck