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I wanted to make it clear on this thread that no longer I will allow people to come into my home unless I specifically invite them. The reason being is because people have sought to exploit me and my continued kindness.

This morning Jesus Christ showed me where Prince Harry came over my house and began taking pictures of me at random times, a lot of pictures, with the purpose of using my images as a way to target me because he knows that a lot of people hate me, and he wants to benefit from this hate as much as possible.

He is not the only one who is like this. Jesus Christ has shown me where Khloe Kardashian was speaking to a huge crowd of people, thousands of people, about me simply because I do not support the gay and transgender movement, and this is one of the main reasons why people hate me, and harass me.

Kendall Jenner and Meghan Markle I have been shown have sold photos and videos of me (my alters) partying to discredit me. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, all my alters are different, some of my alters are involved in homosexual relationships.

There are a long list of people in Hollywood who would do anything to destroy me, finances, my career, my suture because of my beliefs. Another example of this is Ellen DeGeneres, who I have been shown somehow was able to access a photo that my sister took of herself and her hair, she did not share this photo with anybody by the way so the only conclusion I can come up with, is my sisters phone had been hacked. This picture was posted by Ellen DeGeneres, thinking it was me, to make fun of my African hair type, the hair type I was born with and my sister was born with.

Jesus Christ as also shown me where I was in a hospital, and Ellen DeGeneres came to visit me for the purpose of laughing at me, and she was happy at the condition I was in.

I do not hate gay people, I do not target gay or make fun of gay people, I do not wake up thinking of ways to destroy a person or persons, but people that support the pro gay, pro transgender, pro abortion movement, does this to me and other people every single day. This is why I am continually forced daily to protect myself from people seeking to harm me. Evil never sleeps, but God and Jesus Christ does not sleep either.

To these celebrities and other people targeting me, lying about me, trying to destroy me, using people to threaten me and take away my life, may your deeds and exploits be continually exposed. You are evil, you are bullies, you are hypocrites, you are self righteous. Leave me alone.
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