"Nobody Believes You"


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What has been happening is that persons who have been harassing me (consisting of my former classmates, former friends, persons who I have known for a long time, and young people who I don't know) are being strategic in how they are harassing me. Therefore they either wait until I am alone to harass me, and when a new person comes in a class where I am in (especially a well known person or an unknown adult) they stop harassing me, they are quiet, and then when that person leaves, or when I am by myself the harrassment commences.

In one case I had to go to the bathroom because I had messed up myself, three or four young people began laughing at me. When I was in the bathroom cleaning up myself, these four young persons came in search of me, they had a picture of me, asked a person at the front desk if I was there, she said yes and they proceeded to come to me to harass me and to follow me as I was leaving. One of the young people began laughing and says to me "nobody believes you".