Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and Sick Society

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How the West Was Won vs. I’m gonna get you, my pretty?
Start at the beginning...it was bioengineered in a lab. Consistent with YEC and Intelligent Design.

Secondly the virus is actually de-evolving....the Delta is less deadly. But, take your up and coming booster shot and get more of the spike protein that spread throughout your body.
UV damages the virus. Kills it dead in 5+ minutes of direct sun. Less than that, it may sustain a little damage and live and multiply with one less potent feature. The word is devolve.

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God expects use to use our brains and to listen to those people who have educated themselves to look after the sick.
You are a medical outsider.
You don't obey GOD. Abortion is disobedient to truth.

take all non government information with a grain of salt
dismiss anything else
we will continue to your single source of truth
Mother of this Biblical bastard.
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Delta is covid 19 variant. More infectious (virulent) less damaging.
From what I've been hearing the delta variant is the spike protein.

Think about it....the so-called PCR test is looking for genetic segments of the "covid-19" virus...which includes segments of the spikes.
When you do the PCR test on someone who has been jabbed...you'll find spike segments...and call it covid variant D.
What do you expect??? If you drink alcohol and take a blood test...you'll find alcohol.