One in Heaven, no Trinity - Psalm 73:25


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Click on the link for elohim and search the videos and papers.
Thank you!

BTW, there is a thread that could really use your Jewish perspective. The main part starts at post 162. But its origin began at post 61.



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Of course you've made mistakes here. You messed up with the Abrahamic blessings instead of Priestly blessings, betrothal being legally married, etc.

Being deceitful about it isn't a fruit of the spirit.
I have not made those mistakes. Its your understanding that is a problem.

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You've made several starting with bethrothal marriage. Everyone can see your mistakes here.

You're being less than factual in this and other matters. The spirit isn't with you. Sorry.
Yes, everyone sees it. It is not to his advantage that he has too much pride to admit correction.