Oooh, an actual Drumpf win...


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SCOTUS just ruled that the challenge to Drumpf's plan to exclude immigrants from the US census can't be addressed at this time.

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ps. it's more procedural that a total victory, but for the immediate future, it's something the orange messiah can crow about


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WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court Friday gave the Trump administration a few more weeks to try to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census count used to apportion seats in Congress, in part because the effort may prove fruitless.

The quick decision in a case argued Nov. 30 signaled the court's hope that it can avoid a more consequential ruling on an issue that could affect the balance of political power in Congress for the next decade.

The decision was unsigned, but the court's three liberal justices dissented. They would have struck down the policy without further ado.

President Donald Trump announced in July his intention to exclude up to 10.5 million undocumented immigrants from the tabulation on the theory that they are not permanent residents and do not merit political representation.

But counting them is difficult, and the Census Bureau has said it might not complete the work in time for Trump to submit a report to Congress before leaving office. The number of those who are easier to count – such as immigrants in detention facilities or subject to final deportation orders – may not be sufficient to affect the distribution of House seats and electoral votes among states.