Our Lady of Guadalupe Anomalies


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I am life-long Catholic Christian, and some of my interests/background include: Bible study, apologetics, CCD teacher, Church history.

After reading several apparently specious claims concerning the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I would like to open a discussion concerning some anomalous information about the Image, and the Apparition story.

First, a primary factor in the story of the Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego was the presentation of the tilma/flowers/Image to the bishop-elect Juan Zumarraga in December 1531. Zumarraga lived for another 17 years, and was a prolific writer, but in all of his writings, he made no mention of the Apparition, or of Juan Diego. This is known as the “Silence of Zumarraga”.

Second, the first confirmed publication of the event was 117 years after it occurred, at which time, the priests in charge of the church/chapel containing the Image declared that they had no knowledge of the Apparition story.

Third, using simple measurements and simple math, one can determine that the original tilma/Image hanging in the Basilica in Mexico City is much too large. It would, at minimum, fit a man 7 feet tall!

Finally, despite various reports, NASA has had absolutely no involvement in the studies on the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Note: I accept the concept of Marion apparitions. However, as one who enjoys studying Church history, I am curious about any inconsistent information.