Pandemics don't kill, ignorant disobedience to God kills.


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In the book of Exodus, we read of God spreading darkness over the land of Egypt. The darkness was so bad, no one left their homes. The darkness could be felt among the Egyptians, yet the children of Israel were bathed in light. Pharaoh had been doing his best to throw shade on Israel, but in the end they were the one's shrouded in darkness. This is what happens when people are incapable of seeing anything positive in those around them.

The most notable modern day equivalent would be the Covid 19 pandemic. Those who are the most antagonistic towards each other are finding themselves in the belly of the beast. Where do we see the highest numbers of "cases" as well as deaths from this virus? New York, California, etc. All hotspots, not just for political conflict, but the newest iteration of self-righteous Puritan shaming,i.e. political correctness.

These modern day Pharisees see no redeeming qualities in those on the opposite end of the political spectrum. They see only "deplorables, racists, homophobes" etc. They live in an evil world that must be destroyed. They must attack anyone who disagrees with them. They must therefore hide their faces, and sequester themselves whenever possible to avoid the darkness that surrounds them. The problem is that they can't get away from the darkness. They can only spread it.

Right beside them are those who aren't living in darkness. They aren't living in fear, and like Christ who walked among lepers; they can only spread the light that comes with his faith. They don't see their neighbors as lepers, or possible vectors for the spread of a deadly virus. They see them as healthy people who need to see all the healthy people out in the light who aren't afraid of being infected or infecting others because healthy people don't infect anyone in the first place. Only unhealthy people infect other unhealthy people.

It is ironic that the Black Death was blamed on Jews because they weren't getting sick to begin with. This was especially the case with observant Jews because their Holiness code required that they wash regularly after coming in contact with blood, a corpse, etc.. It is no coincidence that science has recently come to the same conclusions Moses did thousands of years ago. The only problem is they've become the newest iteration of a self righteous Pharisee only too ready to condemn anyone who neglects to follow their justifiable ritual cleansings.

Observant Jews were also much more likely to be able to pull up stakes and leave those areas where the plague was so pervasive. The reason being that they observed God's laws concerning commerce, usury, etc. Then, like now, their Christian neighbors didn't have the financial resources to move because of their dependence upon Mammon rather than the providence of God evident in the common sense of God's commandments.