Politicians, Landgrab, Criminals


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Jesus Christ gave me a dream where I saw a mobile phone and a picture of the Minister of National Security of Jamaica Horace Change emerging from the phone itself. I then saw an angry female politician Natalie Neita who was quarreling, at some point I saw another female politician Lisa Hanna and she said something like she was driving home one night and was almost kidnapped. Then I saw something where criminals in Jamaica were offering protection to my land and community, which I do not want, I am not involving myself with them.

One of the main things I also saw in this dream is that people in Jamaica want my family's land and was pressuring us to give them. Me and my family are not squatting on any land, my family owns the land legally, paid for legally, and yet still some Jamaican politicians and a particular female were also hell bent on trying to take our land. This is being done to punish me for speaking out against communism and other matters.

This fight to take our land also involve U.S foreign celebrities as well. This is where, they are so filled with pride, that their attitude in regards to my house is 'I can own your house, I can buy any house in your community, I have power of you'. I remember long before this dream I had a dream where a female celebrity in the U.S was boasting how she bought a house in my community showing that she had money and power.

Now, half of the real estate purchased outside of Kingston in Jamaica is owned by foreigners. One would think this would be alarming to these politicians and others who supposedly care about their country, but instead they are coming against me and the land my family legally owns, coming out against me because I speak out about communism.

Within the dream as well people in my community had agreed that me and my family should just give up our house.
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