Prayer and fasting testimonies?


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I'm interested in hearing testimonies from anyone who has experienced breakthrough specifically after fasting. What did you fast for, and what was the outcome? What did you fast, and for how long?


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My entire life is in answer to fasting and prayer beginning in 1970. I was in tenth grade...and I only discovered another degree of hearing. My life was going nowhere in 1978, during the days of the blizzard of '78. I began a long fast, I called it my "Total" fast, because I only ate Total. On the day of the blizzard, at the end of January, I got a phone call from a desperate school district that had found my name on a list supplied by national teacher placement board. I started in February, and taught until 2020...with only four years hiatus, two for seminary and two for overseas missions with Operation Mobilization. Those four years were the result of the most powerful fast I've even undertaken during Lent of 1982, where I was RIF'ed to half time, and seeking the next step. (For the stretch, I ate chicken and brown rice, breakfast and dinner, and oranges at lunch.) God spoke to me in a voice that still echoes loudly, daily (specifically Psalm 32 and Isaiah 30, coupled with Romans 8, the covenant promise to be my teacher, which He has confirmed as a binding thread throughout scripture)...and I began a day by day excursion into unending adventure.