Prenatal Surgery: Helping Babies Before Birth.


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There is no art required to butcher butcher butcher.

It is so hard to do surgery on preemies because of size. Just starting an IV is very difficult.

The rabid pro abortionist would be shocked to learn they find a real live baby in the uterus.

The earlier the better on spina bifida.

The brutal primitive approach is a death sentence for birth defects. Anti-science pro-abortionism.
The modern sophisticated science approach is reconstruction, plastic surgery and delivering solutions.
I already knew about pre-natal surgery, and I am still pro-choice.

What else ya got?


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I watch several nut cases ask questions based on imaginary and idiotic predicates.
Now, where would you be to observe several nut cases, one wonders? And certainly you wouldn't be there as a medical practitioner, since no medical practitioner of any stripe would refer to the mentally ill as "nut cases". I wonder how said nut cases would refer to you and your judgement of them? "Welcome!" perhaps?