Preterism and the People of God


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Wow, I'm in the company of such a superior mind.

You have taken your presupposition and read it into a number of verses that have little to nothing to do with one another. The stars in Joseph's vision have nothing to do with the stars falling from heaven in Revelation.

I'll try this one more time: What scripture does show, is Joseph's brothers and father bowing to Joseph; along with citizens of Egypt bowing before him as he rides the chariot. (Gen 41:43; Gen 42:6; Gen 43:26; Gen 43:28; Gen 44:14).

In other words, the sun, moon and stars in Joseph's vision is his family. Not governments, not rulers. Is it my arrogance that tells me so like some people? No. I read it in scripture (and listed it for you to read as well). But you go ahead and disregard what scripture SPECIFICALLY says about who bowed down to Joseph and be without a clue. Oh wait, I just gave you a clue and you disregarded it for your presuppositions. Good move.
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