Preterist trix they use to try to sustain their doctrines...


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The fave pret trick is to render many Scriptures to "figurative/symbolic" status, especially those that have eschatological prophecies. They do that to try to make up for the fact that history shows that literal fulfillment of the eschatological prophecies simply hasn't yet occurred.

Another is their frequent referrals to the writings of Josephus. Remember, he was writing to impress Vespasian & Titus so he wouldn't become a target for spearchucking practice. Funny how he claimed to have seen & heard chariots in the sky above Jerusalem when none of the other several hundred thousand people in the area did !

Another trick is to try to re-write history. One of the most-outlandish ones I've seen was when a pret claimed that the Roman ensigns with eagles depicted on them were the abomination of desolation ! Another was a pret claim that the Roman coins of the day with Caesar's head depicted on them was the AOD ! If that were true, then we must be continuing the AOD, as most of the money dropped into church offering plates bears the depictions of dead US Presidents on it !

Just face it, O Preterists ! The prophetic events your doctrine SAYS have already occurred, have NOT yet happened ! Certainly, Jesus hasn't yet physically returned. When He does, there'll be no mistaking it anywhere on earth or in whatever space stations will be manned at the time.

Beware of the preterist trix, Sportzz Fanzz !