Preterist trix they use to try to sustain their doctrines...


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Umm.....ya.You should seriously think about laying off the sauce
You should seriously put a STOP to your False accusations about me ! I'm not a drinker of alcohol, nor a drug abuser! I am a born again Christian who rebukes ( 2 Tim.3:16 ) the Preterists Twisted views ( 2 Peter 3:16 ) with GOD's inspired scriptures " AS IS " ( Nothing added or taken away as per Rev.22:18-19! The Caught Up in 1 Thess 4:17 will happen in the future as the TAKEN in 2 Thess.2:1-8, so the MOL ( AC ) can then reveal himself in Dan.9:27 by confirming the Covenant ( Peace Treaty in the Middle East ) with Many for 0ne seven ( 7 Years ), that allows the Jews to rebuild their temple in the first half of that seven, so the MOL ( AC ) can then defile it ( AOD ) in the second half of that seven ( called the Great Trib. in Matt.24:21 ) and claim himself to be God as per 2 Thess.2:4! So far in History, there has NEVER been any human that went into ANY Jewish Temple and claim to be God! It is still future! In 70 AD the Romans destroyed the Temple without going in it and claiming to be GOD! Case closed!
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