Psalm 139 - A Celebration Of God's Omniscience, Omnipresence And Sovereignty


David, above all other things in his life, was a seeker of God. Seeking to know Him, understand Him, to love Him, Exalt Him, Praise Him and do His will was the focus of His life (eg. Ps 27:4). In Psalm 139, David has written a song to celebrate God's Omniscience and Omnipresence and His Sovereignty. From it, we learn many things about our Awesome Creator...things that every believer can take to heart and gain comfort from.

139:1 - God has thoroughly searched/investigated your life...and He KNOWS you. Everything about you.

139:2 - God Knows every action you make...every mundane thing, like sitting or standing, scratching your head, picking your nose (lolz) etc...AND He knows every thought that passes through your mind.

139:3 - He sees you when you go out to start your you every second of the day...and watches you when you go back home and go to sleep. He is always watching. His eyes are never off of you. But for David this isn't a scary thing to know. It's amazingly comforting because he knows that God loves Him.

139:4 - God knows what you are going to say before you say it. He knows what you are going to do before you do it. He knows it COMPLETELY.

139:5-12 - God is present with you ALWAYS. There is nowhere you can go to escape His presence. Through His Spirit...He is EVERYWHERE.

139:13-15 - God was actively and intimately involved in your conception and formation in the womb. Not merely in the sense that He created the process of growth...but also in the sense of individuality. God had an active hand in how you were put together in the womb. Or did He?

139:16 - God saw you before you were born. He knew you before you were born. He saw your whole LIFETIME from beginning to end and everything you would ever do both good and bad - before you were even born. In fact, He even PREDETERMINED that amount of days you will live. Your lifespan. And lest there be any doubt that this is was all written down in His book before you even existed.

Psalm 139:16...HERE is the verse I want to discuss...

"Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Ps 139:16

Questions: What are your thoughts on this amazingly deep verse? What conclusions do you come to about it? Does it bother you or give you comfort? (David drew deep comfort from it (as the verses following it show). More specifically...

- What is that book that God has written in that David mentions? Is it the book of life? Is it the book of God's sovereign decrees? How are we to understand this verse? What does it imply?

(NOTE: FOR jaw drops when I consider these things and I just want to praise God. Sometimes I feel like God is far away from me...I don't FEEL the presence of God. I feel like He's withdrawn because of my all around unchristlikeness and unholiness etc. I used to feel that way a lot when I was a baby christian. Not so much anymore because I don't trust my feelings anymore. Feelings count for NOTHING. I rest in the perfect finished work of Christ on the cross for me. light of Psalm 139...I take comfort in the fact that God knew me before I was born. He knew every single sin, every fault, every defect of my character, every broken aspect of my falleness and every thing I would ever do in my lifetime from beginning to end before I even existed AND with that complete knowledge of me...He loved me and gave His Son up for me to save me. To wit...Jesus dies for my sins before I was even born. ALL of them. Namely...God the Father took the entire life record of all my sins, unholiness, fallenness...every single thing that is repugnant to His Holiness and every single thing that would stand against me being able to pass the judgment and to live with Him for eternity...and He placed it ALL on Jesus and punished it all there on the cross. He exhausted His wrath against ALL of it there.

So, my understanding of God's Eternal Omniscience and foreknowledge affects my understanding of the atonement. He knew my whole lifetime from beginning to end, ALL of my sinfulness...He saw what would have happened if He didn't intervene...and He set His love on me full well knowing all of it and gave up His Son to die for my Salvation. He predestined me for Adoption having known full well the rap sheet I would have against me. He intervened and changed my eternal destiny...all because of His grace. And not just me...but every believer...whether Calvinist or Arminian...can say this too.

And, I have no problem believing that this can be true of any person born into this world if they will believe in Jesus. Mind you, this isn't the message that I tell people when I share the gospel with them. When I do that, I just share John 3:16 and verses like that...that Jesus is the Son of God, the only way to be saved from the wrath to come...and that everyone who truly believes in Christ will be saved etc... But after they do become Christians, like a good friend of mine who recently believed in Christ, after He struggled with guilt after slipping up and was feeling condemned...I shared these things with him. And contrary to some opinions...knowing these things doesn't make me want to sin more so that grace can abound. It actually does the makes me want to praise God and draw closer to Him so that I don't give in to the flesh.)