QAnon and C. S. Lewis


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Up until Jan 6, 2021 I had never given a moments notice to anything called QAnon. On Jan 6 2021 I captured a bunch of images of the Q Shaman because I am a photographer. The Q Shaman is obviously aware of how to draw attention with his eye grabbing costume. His image is kind of an icon of the Jan 6 2021 event.
I don’t think anyone that actually follows Q claims the shaman guy as one of their own. They say he’s an imposter. Which is actually something Q had warned about. That imposters would be used to discredit the “movement.”
It is very difficult to find an accurate prototype of the QAnon doctrine. I read some articles today which attempted to explain it but most of them were typical media delusions about QAnon as enemies of humanity. Useless since the person writing the article is more delusional than the people they are trying to describe.
Maybe you should go to the source and read the actual Q post for yourself. Have you done that?

Why do you need some article to explain it to you?

I realize that QAnon isn't a "healthy" worldview.
How do you know that?
But it is just one of many unhealthy worldviews some of them with billions of followers. We have people running the world who have delusional thinking. They are in the news every day. Washington DC has a high concentration of them.
Oh my! That sounds exactly like something Q would say! Better hope they don’t write an article about you.