Question #3: Anyone Hear Raised Baptist?

"I was baptized and confirmed member of Independent Baptist Church; but I later converted to Community of Christ (RLDS)," - David Edward Oliver


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I grew up in the Kansas City area. Had a lot of friends who were RLDS. They were all very nice people, but I guess I had the same problem with the theology that I had with the LDS.


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I was raised Lutheran, but the more I read the New Testament and looked at churches and what they believed, the more the Baptists aligned with what I was reading. May I ask for the reason(s) for the question?
- "I did not mean that as insult rather I am familiar with Baptist theology & doctrine. I am sure there are plenty of good Bible believing Lutherans out there and also other Christian churches. Community of Christ (RLDS) does not teach we are only true church. We recognize virtually all Christian denominations & sects and if you were previously baptized in other church you would not need to be rebaptized. I admit that infant baptism is grey area as it depends on person and what they want. We also practice open communion,"(y)🇺🇸✝️☮️⁉️