Question: Can A Person Believe In Open Theism and Still Be Christian?


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This doesn't sound like any god that warrants much more respect than what we see in Greek or Roman mythologies. The empowerment originates in God so he's directly involved; it's his power.

We both agree that power originates with God. The degree to which he empowers others is the discussion. I believe he empowers his servants with choice, and moral choice at that. I don't get the idea that you hold that position.

The prophet Elijah presents an option which Ahab is incapable of choosing. I think the greater point here is in noting that it really doesn't matter what he does because God's plan accounts for any and all possibilities.

If Ahab doesn't have the power to choose, then he has no moral agency. If he has no moral agency, it was impossible for him to do morally right or do morally wrong as no choice was made. That is contrary to the entirety of the bible.

I do agree that God's plan is flexible to enough account for changing conditions. Hence we are encouraged to pray to get God to incorporate our desired changes into his plan.

If Adam doesn't sin, God's plan comes to fruition. If Adam sins, God's plan comes to fruition through a different course of events, all of which are known to God. God doesn't have to do anything because he knows what will happen regardless of what anyone may choose.

and God knows the end from the beginning. God knows, not just what Ahab is likely to do, but knows with 100% certainty. Again, this doesn't necessarily preclude Ahab from making a free will decision, but his decision isn't the guiding factor. As Paul points out, it is God's mercy which is the driving factor.

If God knows that Adam would sin with 100% certainty, then there never was a path for his plan to come to fruition by the other route. If God knows all choices with 100% certainty then not only does God know every evil thing that will occur, he specifically willed every evil thing that has occurred and will occur at the creation. In that case, Mankind has no moral agency, all evil things that occur happened not because God allowed it, but rather because God specifically willed it.


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Faith changes destiny. The verses I “slung” actually answered your question that you previously asked .

You will have to connect the dots, because I am a terrible mind reader and I have no idea what you think those verses mean and where you are drawing the breakpoints between free will and a deterministic creation as it seems you are leaning alot towards the open theism position by nothing that "faith" changes things.