Quran is too negative

Lee Magee

I primarily research the Old Testament books, so i don't want to comment on the New Testament, but i do know that St Paul did not exist, all the books and letters of the New Testament were written by unknown anonymous authors, also true for all the Old Testament books and the Quran.

Prophet is a word from Ancient Greek, from προφήτης (prophḗtēs) ; one who speaks for a god and interprets his will to man, interpreter, expounder of the will of Zeus. So why do Muslim use this word? Also the Arabic ن ب ء (n-b-ʾ) is formed from πρόφημι, the verbal root of προφήτης.

So the idea of a prophet being sent to the people and given a message (προάγγελος > رَسُول rasūl) by a God is a Greek concept that was absorbed into the Semitic culture and language.