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I'm presently reading a SOMEWHAT technical book.
It's written by a PhD named- Nathaniel Jeanson.

Traced-Human DNA's Big Surprise.

He'd done a 25-video series on it a while back (a friend told me about it), I watched it, and was curious, so upon learning about the book, I bought a kindle version.
I really am enjoying this book.
He's taken the DNA "genealogy" studies which have been done, and delved into it further, from an academic's research perspective.
It's a 460+ page text, and I'm at page 360.

The reason I'm reading it is because between a DNA test done on me 14 years ago, due to having met family from my grandfather's cousins (there was a disconnect in our family back in the mid 1890's), in the mid 1980's, and my wife's recent 23-and-Me test, with the wildly divergent results, from perceived anticipated results, it really lit my curiosity.

I'm enjoying the book.

I'll be honest here and say--- the 25 videos, while a lengthy overall watch, will help determine if you really want to read the book.
Here's the first video.