Regarding the Sacrifice of the Mass . . .

I copied it verbatim from the website. I didn't change anything.
Your quote is right. The one in post #1 is not. That is the one I am commenting on. That is the poster that should explain the misquote.
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Anathema vs damned. That's your complaint? They mean the same thing. Or do you have another definition you'd like to share?

Over the last few decades, the Roman Catholic Church has changed the definition of anathema to mean something akin to "a nice warm shower" Purgatory. Just a finger wag and a smile!

Pretty soon, Hell will mean "a cozy warm bed."

I think it is obvious who is at the helm of trying to appeal to the world.
Christ-centered believers in Jesus Christ have always hold the bread and wine to be the body and blood of Christ. Those who deny it are heretics.
No RCC centred followers ignore what Jesus meant and misuse his words. Another RC showing how Rcs love their enemies. RCs allow blasphemy when they allow their evil priests to hold what they think is the real presence.