Reincarnation is Satan lie!

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It exists in a certain way in the satanic pantheon's tao realm (fallen angel realm), as described in their texts such as rg veda, hieroglyphs etc. where they gloat about conquering eden and describe how because the fall happened, they could and did vampire upon eden souls.

It's true that God would never be involved in their horrible birth and death cycle.

anyway, rev starts soon for them and it won't be pretty.
Setting aside eastern beliefs, reincarnation merely means to become flesh again. Carne in Latin is flesh. So, re-in-"CARNE" tion is to be in the flesh again.

Eastern religions believe that after this life you become some kind of flesh like a cockroach, lizard, or whatever according to your karma.

Christianity on the other hand, believes that you become flesh again in human form (the condemned), in the same body you died, that is, during the white throne judgment. You will get judgment -- either you perish to non-existence or to suffer eternally in the lake of fire. We can say that there are only two "Karmas" in this judgment -- to perish or to suffer forever the lake of fire. I think the former is a better option if one is faced with this dilemma.