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Why did Hitler hate the Jewish people?
Anti-Semitism was rife across Europe. Hitler was not unique in his attitude.
Your claim that he was a devout Christian because his parents were is ridiculously naive.
No. I pointed out that he came from a "devout Christian society". Austria was a devout Catholic country.
If the RCC who persecuted not only Jewish People
It was not simply the RCC. Many good Lutherans were members of the Nazi Party and individuals like Martin Niemöller were caught up in traditional Lutheran Christian anti-Semitism.

In a sermon in August 1935, just a matter of weeks before the first Nuremburg Laws were issued, Niemöller drew several parallels between the Nazis and their German supporters, and the Jews. That sermon is replete with those various Christian libels about Jews wherein Niemöller closely followed the traditional path that the Christian church had paved for nearly two millennia. In his sermon Niemöller stated that the Jews stood as the standard by which he judged (and by which God would judge) the Nazis and their followers for their actual, and potential, shortcomings. He presented the Jews as the paradigmatic evildoers in Christendom, claiming that Jewish history was “dark and sinister” and that the Jewish people could neither live nor nor die because they were "under a curse [that is] the eternal Jew" and this was evinced by the image of the Jew as "a restless wanderer who has no home and cannot find peace".

Much of the language Niemöller used in that sermon would not have been out of place in a speech by Goebbels.