Rejecting the will of God for oneself.


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"You're the one that made mistake. Not me. You referenced the wrong statement." Arbitrary denial in direct light of contrary evidence

Regarding the rest of your response, you have completely missed the issue. Your past statement, "YOU create a scenario wherein God NEEDS YOU" is the straw man I was referring to. As such, your response here has not even attempted to substantiate your accusation. How does your discussion over wishing/willing have anything to do with saying "God NEEDS YOU."??? Since you have not addressed the actual issue, you have only addressed a red herring again. Are you going to substantiate your accusation of God's need toward p4t, or are you not going to substantiate it?

Since PY has demonstrated a severe lack of awareness of context, comprehension, logic, and is willing to engage in consistent misrepresentation and diversionary tactics, then I am forced to conclude that this is not a poster worthy of any time investment. I hope that PY actually addresses the issue being raised. If that happens, then I would be glad to continue to engage with profitable discussion. As the discussion now stands, however, this will be my final response.
Your discussion has been solid, rational, reasoned. Past track records enforce the fact that the other will continue said behavior, which is only one reason as to why I refuse engaging him.

But I do appreciate your input, so am looking forward to other posts in the future.