Resurrection Day 2021


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According to Matt 26:17-20, Mark 14:12-17, and Luke 22:7-15, Jesus ate his Seder
during the night of his arrest.

According to John 13:1-2, John 18:28-29, John 19:13-14, and John 19:31, the
Jews ate their Seders the night following his crucifixion.

So then, sufficient textual evidence certifies that Jesus ate his Seder one night
ahead of the Jews' night; and also certifies that his first night in the tomb coincides
with the night during which the Jews were eating their Seders.

Seeing as how the Jews will be eating their Seders during a Saturday night in 2021,
then Jesus would've eaten his Seder during a Friday night; and subsequently
crucified the next day; which would be a Saturday.

So then, seeing as how Matt 12:40 requires Jesus to be dead for three nights, then
we can easily count them in 2021 as Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday


According to Matt 17:22-23, Mark 9:31, Luke 9:22, Luke 24:5-8, Luke 24:21-23,
Luke 24:46, Acts 10:40, and 1Cor 15:4, Jesus' crucified dead body was restored to
life during daytime rather than nighttime. So then, sufficient textual evidence
certifies that Jesus would've risen from the dead sometime after sunrise on a
Tuesday, which in the year 2021 is March 30.