Robert E Lee statue removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond VA


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Taking off your hat at a funeral is not a heroic act.
That is just the sign, but who are you to judge? That is just the sign of respect. The act of heroism is the forgiveness and reconciliation.

That he got sick and died as a consequence was certainly not an obvious risk.
According to others there it was. But thankfully you no better than the people who were there.

A single minor act of removing a hat at a funeral does not cancel the fact that he led an army against the USA in an effort to preserve slavery.
Never said it did. My point is the heroism is the forgiveness and reconciliation.
The other example I gave was the Charleston church who forgave the young man who shot some of them. The lesson is forgiveness and reconciliation. Hating confederate flags is hating, forgiving and reconciling is love