Say NO to Covid Vaccine

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Not true. The ones most vulnerable are the old people, and they are not excluded.
Wrong again. Why
`You have a bad attitude toward science???

339 patients with COVID-19 (aged 71±8 years,173 females (51%)) were enrolled, including 80 (23.6%) critical, 159 severe (46.9%) and 100 moderate (29.5%) cases. Common comorbidities were hypertension (40.8%), diabetes (16.0%) and cardiovascular disease (15.7%). Common symptoms included fever (92.0%), cough (53.0%), dyspnea (40.8%) and fatigue (39.9%). Lymphocytopenia was a common laboratory finding (63.2%). Common complications included bacterial infection (42.8%), liver enzyme abnormalities (28.7%) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (21.0%). Till Mar 5, 2020, 91 cases were discharged (26.8%), 183 cases stayed in hospital (54.0%) and 65 cases (19.2%) were dead. Shorter length of stay was found for the dead compared with the survivors (5 (3–8) vs. 28 (26–29), P < 0.001). Symptoms of dyspnea (HR 2.35, P = 0.001), comorbidities including cardiovascular disease (HR 1.86, P = 0.031) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (HR 2.24, P = 0.023), and acute respiratory distress syndrome (HR 29.33, P < 0.001) were strong predictors of death. And a high level of lymphocytes was predictive of better outcome (HR 0.10, P < 0.001).


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Who would that leading authority be? Link please.

LAW PROFESSOR FRANCIS BOYLE who authored the Bio terrorism act, and advises several countries on bio warfare.​



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The UK recommendations are for those with severe allergic reactions (who carry around an Epipen) to hold off for a while. There has been no recommendation that old people should not take it. I have not heard that pregnant women should not take it. And young children do not need it because they don't spread the virus as easily. Those recommendations may change as we learn more about the reactions.

Not true. The ones most vulnerable are the old people, and they are not excluded.

Another article states that 6 people died all over the age of 55. 2 died from heart attack/stroke, the others it makes no mention.

Typical conspiracy theory "worry".

I wouldnt put it past greedy humans. It wouldn't be the first time they used viruses for profit. Ask the Native Indians and chicken poxs.

Not really. Vaccines have the lowest return on investment of any drug.

Nonsense. State proof please. Its a trillion dollar industry.

Googling for conspiracy theory support does not constitute "studying."

A virus needs a host to duplicate itself. Therefore when the Flu goes away, does it remain dormant, or does the body shed it? And if it is dormant, what triggers it to become active again. And where does it hide?

They haven't had a cure for the common cold in centuries, they haven't perfected a flu vaccine in the last 80 years(with only 40% success rate, and now they have a vaccine for the deadly corona virus? I call Baloney.

Apparently there are anti-malaria drugs(like Chloroquine)that prevent the virus from replicating.

Absolutely not.

100% factual. Who develops these computer viruses and why?lol
I trust Pfizer over "some random lady" (unless that lady happens to be my mother or my wife or my sister).
Your naive beliefs have little weight. Capitalist are known to lie for profit. Now if someone is dying of a "deadly desease" and you give them a placebo, and that person dies, can you be sued? Would they admit to giving them a placebo?lol I smell baloney.

No, you don't have it straight. Go back and "study" some more.

Actually no. Thats what the article stated. I will post the article if you like on thew next thread since I believe that 2 are the limit.

Wrong again.
Your opinion backed by nothiong. Mine? By years of research. I just did a quick google search.

Some of the vaccines currently used to prevent diseases such as rubella, measles, rabies, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A, chickenpox or smallpox are produced using tissues from human abortions.

The vaccines consist of dead or attenuated live viruses that are introduced into the patient’s body to activate the body’s defences against that virus without becoming ill. Thus, if the patient subsequently enters into contact with the live virus, it will be unable infect him, since he has the necessary defences to cope with it, i.e. he is immunised.

ALL vaccines use cells to grow the virus. Baby Stem cells are best because they have the longest shelf life, Some are apparently still used from aborted fetuses in the 60s.

They used to use animal cells. Though viruses tend to grow better in cells from humans than animals (because they infect humans).

No mercury at all in these vaccines.
Your debating skills are weak. Your opinion holds little weight.

Here. I just did a simple google.

Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes.Feb. 1, 2018


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Wouldn’t it be great if, as an added bonus, the vaccine could cause infertility?

Ah, just think of all the greedy people we could eliminate off mother earth’s face!