Scientific evidence for Christianity


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Is this the real ferengi? All kidding aside, it is great to see you actually post something with substance. Keep it up!
So why are you ignoring the evidence?
The claim that every effect has a cause is a tricky one.
Prove it - prove the law of causality is false.
It is known from quantum mechanics that things happen spontaneously. A great example would be radioactive decay; certain atoms just spontaneously and randomly fall apart.
Prove this - prove the effect of decay has no cause.
And we can be pretty sure it is spontaneous and random but it follows an exponential decay, exactly as would be predicted for spontaneous and random.
See above.
The scientist concludes "we do not know".
FALSE - YOU conclude this - YOU are not a scientist.

Now you may be saying that Genesis 1 predicts that we would find that the universe had a begining, but it gets a load of other stuff wrong. Daylight is created first, then the Earth, then plants, and it is not until day four that the sun is created. And I am not going to get into the timescale and the firmament.
PRove it