Severe Memory Issues


When dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder there are a lot of issues that comes to the surface. One of them is memory loss. Jesus Christ showed me by way of dreams is a present situation that I was not aware of. This is where I am in a particular room sitting down quietly not speaking surrounded by a lot of people that I do not recognize at all. Then the father of my children comes in the room with a child and then the child walks in another direction and I go up to the father of my child asking what is wrong. I do not recognize my own children often, and one way I have l learnt to recognize them is that if I see the father of my children with any child I assume that that child is mine. It is not that I recognize them as my own children like normal, I have had to learn how to recognize my children without really recognizing them. My alters are able to block out people including my children very well. There was a case where I assumed children around me were my own children but most of them were not. Then in another situation there were children near me, I assumed they were not my children, but I realized they were my children only when the father of my children came up to them talking to them. So I have had to come up with more accurate ways to identify my own children without being unable to recognize them.

Additionally, what I also was not aware of is that according to my child, doctors would give me instructions (my alters) that I am not following. The thing is I have no idea what instructions doctors have given at all, only certain alters are aware of this, my alter is not aware of this at all. When it comes to doctors, I also have a serious trust issue because the doctor I went to as a child, was fully involved and knowledgeable about me being trafficked, and she was quite fine with it, so I cannot trust just anyone.

My alter has been completely left out of everything. I have not talked to any one of my former classmates from high school and college. I do not know and have never met any of my children, and if I was to see them I would not know they were my own children. I do not know any prominent people. My alter has never been pregnant, is a virgin, is unemployed, and stuck at home. The only way I know what I know is because Jesus Christ shows me in dreams what has been happening. My alter has been trying to reach out to the father of my children and others but my other alters often intercept and block me, and people also just ignore my alter when I am trying to reach out to them. So for example if the father of my children calls me and asks for me, I hear someone asking for a different name so of course I assume that it is a wrong number and end up saying so and hang up the phone. I am also at times blind where I can only hear the father of my children speak but I cannot see him.
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